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Seth & Kim's Cinco de Mayo wedding was unbelievably gorgeous! Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love color and a lot of it, so when they told me it was going to be a Cinco de Mayo/Fiesta wedding, I'm pretty sure I jumped up and down in my chair a little. I arrived and could not believe how beautiful they made everything. They even had beer donkeys, which as you can see above, are freaking adorable! I hope you enjoy their day, I sure did!


"Seth and I met at Scheiner University.

Seth did an amazing job with our proposal. He had all of our closest family and friends attend fiesta. Before the parade started he tricked me into going to get some gorditas, just to find out there weren’t being any sold. On our way back to our seats our family had their cameras out for what I thought was for the start of the parade but instead it was for the proposal. Everyone on the street was cheering us on, it was a fairytale."

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"After having a great proposal at fiesta we looked at the calendar and saw Cinco de Mayo  was on a Saturday in 2018. We instantly knew we wanted to continue the Fiesta theme into our wedding especially because we both come from Hispanic backgrounds. We wanted everyone to walk into our wedding and think they had just stepped into the Disney movie Coco. We wanted to add our own twist and make our wedding more non-traditional, we wanted to not only enjoy our wedding but wanted our guests to as well."

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With a Cinco De Mayo theme we knew everything had to be custom therefore we had the perfect DIY wedding. After looking on Pinterest and looking back at photos from Mexico we knew we wanted color overload, but in a classy fun way. Being from a border town and  having family members from Mexico it was relative easy access to obtain unique items for our wedding. My grandmothers family made the table runners out of serape fabric , the groomsmen’s bow ties, suspenders, and the pinatas. My wonderful in laws Marie and George, and family and friends Domingo, Rachel, and Denise all helped with the creation of the arch, sweet bread holders, selfie booth, and all the wonderful chalk art and vinyl decal. For my paper flowers my cousin Jen and I traced each petal individually, my nursing team members cut them, and my mother Liz put them together. It was really a team effort. sethkimberlywed-58sethkimberlywed-58 sethkimberlywed-62sethkimberlywed-62 sethkimberlywed-68sethkimberlywed-68 sethkimberlywed-69sethkimberlywed-69 sethkimberlywed-77sethkimberlywed-77 sethkimberlywed-84sethkimberlywed-84 sethkimberlywed-83sethkimberlywed-83

Every wedding I had been to I always noticed all the bridesmaids drop their flower off at the table and never see them again. Therefore when I met with my florist Vanessa from the Lemon Blossom she threw out the idea of flower crowns. That way the girls would wear them all evening and not worry about holding on to something. I gave Vanessa the freedom to create anything she wanted as long as it was colorful. She delivered amazing flowers that matched our theme and my bouquet was to die for. I had never seen flowers mixed with greenery lol not only sophisticated but fiesta themed. I was amazed with our gear table she dropped flowers along the edge that gave it the perfect touch of color. sethkimberlywed-75sethkimberlywed-75

Seth and I went to a wedding a couple years ago at Granberry Hills and when we left that wedding we told each other if we ever got married we should look into Granberry Hills. They give such excellent service and they make you feel part of the GH family. When we looked at other vendors we wanted to choose vendors that were local. Most if not all our vendors were from word of mouth from friends that used them for their weddings.

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When we planned our wedding we knew we had to have Beer Burros, Mariachi, and Paletas. Our favorite part of wedding was during our cermony our officiant has us look towards our guests and we saw all the love and support from family and friends. We also loved surprising our guests during cocktail hour by walking out with our donkeys and the mariachi group it was picture perfect! sethkimberlywed-35sethkimberlywed-35 sethkimberlywed-111sethkimberlywed-111 sethkimberlywed-117sethkimberlywed-117 sethkimberlywed-138sethkimberlywed-138 sethkimberlywed-144sethkimberlywed-144 sethkimberlywed-139sethkimberlywed-139

Everything about our wedding exceeded our expectations. It was beyond perfect and we were in awe of how it was all decorated.

The attention to details was beyond amazing.

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I knew the pop of color from our wedding was going to be the main focus therefore when looking at wedding dresses I fell in love with a blush mermaid style dress with beading detail. For Seth he did not just want to rent a tuxedo therefore he bought a gray suit the he could keep using remembering the first time he wore it. sethkimberlywed-227sethkimberlywed-227 sethkimberlywed-343sethkimberlywed-343 sethkimberlywed-236sethkimberlywed-236 sethkimberlywed-344sethkimberlywed-344 sethkimberlywed-346sethkimberlywed-346 sethkimberlywed-323sethkimberlywed-323 sethkimberlywed-327sethkimberlywed-327 sethkimberlywed-381sethkimberlywed-381

We knew for both of us we couldn’t wait for the moment we both saw each other the first time. Filled with emotion we both knew we’d both be ugly criers but walking down the aisle I only saw him I forgot everyone else was their and the emotion and love I felt from him was the best feeling ever. Standing next to each other we couldn’t help but just keep complimenting one another. sethkimberlywed-388sethkimberlywed-388 sethkimberlywed-400sethkimberlywed-400 sethkimberlywed-448sethkimberlywed-448 sethkimberlywed-532sethkimberlywed-532 sethkimberlywed-542sethkimberlywed-542 sethkimberlywed-627sethkimberlywed-627 sethkimberlywed-593sethkimberlywed-593 sethkimberlywed-692sethkimberlywed-692 sethkimberlywed-709sethkimberlywed-709 sethkimberlywed-716sethkimberlywed-716 sethkimberlywed-769sethkimberlywed-769 sethkimberlywed-776sethkimberlywed-776 sethkimberlywed-735sethkimberlywed-735 sethkimberlywed-726sethkimberlywed-726 sethkimberlywed-749sethkimberlywed-749 sethkimberlywed-799sethkimberlywed-799 sethkimberlywed-803sethkimberlywed-803 sethkimberlywed-822sethkimberlywed-822 sethkimberlywed-954sethkimberlywed-954 sethkimberlywed-972sethkimberlywed-972 sethkimwed-24sethkimwed-24

Stick to the plan and DIY as much as you can. When planning a wedding keep asking each other “Is this for us or for our guests?” I can honestly say our wedding was for US we never felt like time was escaping us. Enjoy it, and remember at the end of the day your marrying your best friend.


Thank you to all of the vendors involved in making this such an amazing wedding for Seth & Kimberly!

Bar Service - Elite Bartending

Bride’s Dress Shop - Bridal Galleria of Texas- San Antonio

Bride’s Hair & Makeup - Madame Makeup

Bridesmaids’ Dress Shop -Shop Impressions Online Boutique

Bridesmaids’ Hair & Makeup - Madame Makeup

Caterer - Spice of Life

Ceremony Venue - Granberry Hills

Decor & Rentals - Domingo Gonzales

DJ/Band - Toast Entertainment

Florist - The Lemon Blossom

Groom’s Attire - Men’s Warehouse

Guest Accommodations - Holiday Inn San Antonio International Airport

Invitations & Stationary - Bryan Saucedo

Lighting - Granberry Hills

Linens - Granberry Hills

Mariachis - Soberano Productions

Reception Venue - Granberry Hills

Rehearsal Dinner Venue - Brenda’s Mexican Restaurant

Tuxedo Shop - Men’s Warehouse

Officiant- Henrietta Muñoz

Other 1 - Paleteria San Antonio

Other 2 - Texas Hill Country Events- Beer Burros


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